Shulgin Farm Capital Campaign

Preserving Shulgin Farm For Future Generations

Shulgin Farm is where Sasha Shulgin began synthesizing novel psychedelics in his backyard laboratory in the 1960s. Along with his wife Ann, a lay therapist, they enlisted close friends to test Sasha’s creations, developed the Shulgin Ranking Scale to track the visual, auditory, and physical effects of his novel compounds, and eventually co-authored two revolutionary books capturing their life’s work – all at the Farm.

You can help preserve the legacy of Ann and Sasha Shulgin and help carry out their vision for the future, via preservation of Shulgin Farm. A 501(c)(3) non-profit has been established, with the purpose of maintaining Shulgin Farm as a community-building and educational hub for this next chapter of our collective psychedelic story. Additionally, Shulgin Farm will be the home of Shulgin Foundation, an organization that will be formally established after Shulgin Farm has been secured.

“The Shulgin Farm is a physical, intellectual and spiritual landmark of major societal significance.”Maria Mangini

[The Farm is a] “gathering place for like-minded souls to assemble and talk, as friends, colleagues, and collaborators on a major societal project.”David Presti

With your support, the Shulgin Farm nonprofit will purchase the property from the Shulgin Family Trust. For our community to take ownership of the ~6 acre Farm and preserve this psychedelic heritage site, we are seeking $3,000,000 for the property purchase, essential repairs and improvements, and a reserve account.

Shulgin Farm, Acquisition:      $2,250,000
Property Improvement Fund:     $250,000
Reserve Account:                         $500,000
Total:                                         $3,000,000

Donors that can support with a donation of $10,000 and above will be recognized as “Seed Crystal Stewards”, which refers to the first crystals that result from a chemical reaction and serve as a foundation that enables beautiful crystal lattices to grow around them. This special title honors the Ann and Sasha’s role in catalyzing the current psychedelic revolution, and your role in carrying that work to its next stage.

We all agree that psychedelics have tremendous power to heal and expand awareness, and we are exhilarated to begin the process of preserving and uplifting a place that so beautifully captures the essence of these powerful and potentially life-changing compounds.

Thank you for stepping up to be a part of such a pivotal moment in our collective evolution! See you soon at the Farm.

To donate: You may mail a check to Shulgin Farm, PO Box 1682, Lafayette CA 94549
If you would like to arrange a wire transfer, please reach out to for details.
You may also use our Donation Link, but of course the transaction fees add up, for larger donations.

Whatever you choose, we would love to hear from you!

In love and gratitude,
The Shulgin Farm Board of Directors