Preserving Shulgin Farm For Future Generations

Based on extensive community feedback, Shulgin Farm (EIN 93-3537010) has been established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, with one primary goal: to serve as the steward owner of Shulgin Farm, maintaining its status as a hub for psychedelic inquiry and making it available for educational and community-focused events, gatherings, and activities. In this way, Shulgin Farm will be forever protected and accessible to future generations.

Fundraising for the Shulgin Farm nonprofit is underway and your support is needed to assure that The Farm can be successfully placed and held in a nonprofit, community-informed structure going forward.

To donate and learn more about the Shulgin Farm nonprofit, please visit here.

Sasha and Ann Shulgin on the front steps.

To those already familiar, the Shulgin Farm needs no introduction: it is here where Sasha Shulgin began synthesizing novel psychedelics in his backyard laboratory in the 1960s. Along with his wife Ann, a lay therapist, they enlisted close friends to test Sasha’s creations, developed the Shulgin Ranking Scale to track the visual, auditory, and physical effects of his novel compounds, and eventually co-authored two revolutionary books capturing their life’s work. You can learn more about their important contributions via the Shulgin Foundation website, and in the recent documentary, Better Living Through Chemistry.

Sasha Shulgin's Library and Study

“The Shulgin Farm is a physical, intellectual, and spiritual landmark of major societal significance,” says Maria Mangini, adjunct professor at CIIS and close friend of the Shulgins. It was one of few environments in which she could always participate in open discussion and appreciation of the potential of psychedelic medicines. “Gatherings at the Shulgin Farm, where Ann and Sasha shared both their wisdom and their home, have been a lighthouse in a darker time, and a source of illumination and validation that helped mark the direction of the journey, and imbued it with intellectual curiosity, wit, and a spirit of fun.”

The Farm “was a gathering place for like-minded souls to assemble and talk, as friends, colleagues, and collaborators on a major societal project,” writes UC Berkeley neuroscience professor David Presti in his 2022 piece, “Ann Shulgin: Radiant Nexus of Psychedelic Community.” “The project: to keep alive and flourishing the community of scientists, scholars, and practitioners working with psychedelics; to provide a safe place for conversation and community connection.” Presti’s words brilliantly sum up what we seek to build on.

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